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Version 10.1 for Nyanko Daisensou was released on the 1st of December, 2020.


Added 5 new units, CRO ranges from 582 to 586:

CRO Name Rarity Source
582 Hatsune Miku: MM2020 Osaka UR Hatsune Miku Gacha
583 Hatsune Miku: MM2020 Tokyo UR Hatsune Miku Gacha
584 Keiji Claus UR Xmas Gals Gacha
585 Baby Garu UR UBERFEST Gacha
586 Emperor Cat LR Dynasty Fest Gacha
  • Added Talents for 3 Cat Units:
    • Acrobat Cat: Wave Immune, Surge Attack, Freeze Resist, Health Up, Attack Up.
    • Seafearer Cat: Freeze Chance Up, Warp Blocker, Curse Resist, Health Up, Attack Up.
    • Pai Pai DX: Survivor, Slow ATK, Slow Immune, Health Up, Attack Up.




  • Added a new ability, Mini-Wave: Create small wave attack after successfully delivering an attack; effectively a lower damage but higher speed wave (wave is 20% of any unit's attack power)
  • Added a new Gacha Set: Dynasty Fest
  • Waterblast (deals 45% of current HP DMG vs Metal) and Holy Cannon (deals 40% MAX HP DMG vs burrowing and 15% MAX HP DMG vs surface zombies) is upgradable to Level 30
  • New Cat Bulletin format.
  • User Rank 13000 grants 1 Rare Ticket.
  • Cat Devil's name was changed, this is due to Zombie Cat's Evolved Form having the same name.

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