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Version 10.4 for Nyanko Daisensou was released on the 15th of March, 2021.


Added 13 new units, CRO ranges from 596 to 608:

CRO Name Rarity Source
596 Ranma Saotome (M) UR Ranma 1/2 Collaboration Gacha
597 Akane Tendo UR
598 Hibiki Ryoga (Pig) UR
599 Shampoo (Cat) UR
600 Mousse (Duck) UR
601 Happosai SR
602 Ukyo Kuonji (GR) SR
603 Tatewaki Kuno (Gi) SR
604 Ranma Cat (M) RR Ranma 1/2 Collaboration Drop
605 Akane Cat RR Ranma 1/2 Collaboration Gacha
606 Panda Cat EX Ranma 1/2 Collaboration Login Stamp
607 Adventurer Kanna UR Girls & Monsters: Angels of Terror Gacha
608 Wafer Cat EX Special Sale




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