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Release Dates[]

  • Japanese: January 23rd, 2023
  • International: February 16th, 2023


Added 6 new units, CRO ranges from 692~697

CRO Name Rarity Source
692 Issun Boshi UR Gatya bnr789
Gatya bnr790
693 White Butler Vigler UR Gatya bnr786
694 Brainwashed Titan Cat SR
695 Killer Tank Cat RR Mapname060 a en
696 Class Rep Cat EX Gatya e bnr23
697 Ancient Egg: N107 RR Catnip challenges
CRO Unit Rarity Changes
456 Dark Sakura CC UR DPS: 5,051.89 → 6,226.74

TBA: 7.07s → 5.73s
Attack Animation: 1.23s → 1.17s
Backswing: 1.87s → 1.93s
Zukan icon41

631 Yaminora UR HP: 52,020 → 104,040

Wave Shield

644 Minty Love Mekako UR Relictraiticon


697 Cat Chief RR HP: 1,700 → 20,400

ATT: 34 → 9,180
DPS: 2.17 → 2,102.29
Range: 100 → 200
TBA: 15.7s → 4.37s
Speed: 5 → 12
Knockback: 1 → 4
Attack Animation: 1.07s → 0.67s
Backswing: 1.47s → 1.17s
Recharge: 2s → 13.53s
Miniwaveability 0% → 30% for level 3
Zombie Killer
Zukan icon41
Zukan icon42

CRO Unit Rarity Changes
533 Bad Blaster Saki UR Strong Against Becomes strong against targeted trait

Survive Adds a 28% chance to survive a lethal strike, improves by 8% per level up to 100%
Resistfreezeability Reduces freeze duration by 16%, improves by 6% per level up to 70%
Defenseupability Upgrades health by 2% per level up to 20%
Attackupability Upgrades attack power by 2% per level up to 20%

  • Added Ultra Talents for 3 Cats:
CRO Unit Rarity Changes
084 God-Emperor Megidora UR Costdownability Reduces cost by 100¢/150¢/200¢ per level up to 1,000¢/1,500¢/2,000¢

Metaltraiticon Target Metal
Relictraiticon Target Relic

105 Divine Kuu UR Attackfrequpability Decreases time between attacks by 20f0.67 seconds per level up to 200f6.67 seconds

Relictraiticon Target Relic
Surge Immune Surge Immunity

194 Inferno Akira UR Akutraiticon Target Aku

Volcano effect Adds a 10% chance to create a level 1 surge attack between 430~780 range, improves by 10% per level up to 100%


ERO Enemy Trait
633 Killer Tank Cat Black
634 Vermilingua Rangmaster Aku Behemoth


New Additions[]

Stage Name
Events Mapname328 s en Mapname329 s en Mapname330 s en Mapname330 s en Mapname330 s en Mapname333 s en Mapname334 s en Mapname335 s en
Gauntlet Mapname060 a ja
Enigma Mapname063 h en Mapname064 h en Mapname065 h en
Collaboration Gauntlet Mapname014 ca en

Stage Changes[]

Stage Name Changes
2 Crown Stages Mapname043 na en Mapname044 na en Magnification: x1 → x1.2
3 Crown Stages Mapname035 na en Magnification: x1 → x1.7
Mapname036 na en Magnification: x1 → x1.6
4 Crown Stages Mapname029 na en Mapname030 na en Restrictions: Only Special and Rare Units
Miscellaneous Mapname000 q en Mapname001 q en Mapname002 q en Stages: 10 → 13

Cat Combos[]

Name Cats Effect
Truant Angel Almighty LuciferCat Cactus "Strong" Effect UP (Sm)
Dark End to the Holiday YaminoraTourist Cat "Resistant" Effect UP (M)

Gacha Events[]


Banner Added Units Removed Units
Gatya bnr789
Gatya bnr790
Uni692 f00
Gatya bnr786
Uni693 f00 Uni667 f00 Uni694 f00
Gatya e bnr23
Uni696 f00


  • Added 4 new User Rank rewards:
    • 19,100 grants +1 Platinum Shard.
    • 19,200 grants +5 Catamin A's.
    • 19,300 grants +5 Catamin B's.
    • 25,000 grants +1 Legend Ticket.
  • Added the ability to view the special abilities of lined up units in the pause menu.
  • Added Ultra Talents, allows specific Ubers to equip two Talent Orb and unlock extra Talents (with increased NP cost compared to usual talents), when the unit's total level (base and +levels combined) reaches 60.
    • The secondary Orb can be the same as the first and will cause the effects to stack.
  • Heartbeat Catcademy level caps raised from 1+30 to 1+40, except for Class Rep Cat.
  • Added Talent Orbs with Aku typing.
  • Removed the confirmation for using a Catseye when done consecutively, except for Legend Catseyes and Dark Catseyes.

Source Code[]