Battle Cats Wiki

Release Dates[]

  • Japanese: July 6th, 2023
  • International: August 2nd, 2023


Added 5 new units, CRO ranges from 714~718:

CRO Name Rarity Source
714 Coastal Explorer Kanna UR Gatya bnr831
715 Mighty Sphinx Korps UR Gatya bnr823 en
Gatya bnr824 en
716 Ancient Egg: N111 SR Catnip challenges
717 Ancient Egg: N110 RR
718 Maize Cat RR Mapname348 s en
CRO Unit Rarity Changes
067 Crystal Li'l Gau Gau RR HP: 13,600 → 17,000

Knockback Immunity

634 Demon Knight Kyklops UR Massive Damage Akutraiticon

Shieldbreak 0% → 50%
Freeze Immunity

716 Cop Cat SR HP: 1,700 → 34,000

ATT: 34 → 12,240
DPS: 2.17 → 3,948.39
Range: 100 → 250
TBA: 15.7s → 3.1s
Knockback: 1 → 2
Attack Animation: 1.07s → 0.47s
Backswing: 1.47s → 1.27s
Recharge: 2s → 14.53s
Zukan icon42

717 Farmboy Cat RR HP: 1,700 → 13,940

ATT: 34 → 850
DPS: 2.17 → 637.5
Range: 100 → 350
TBA: 15.7s → 1.33s
Knockback: 1 → 4
Attack Animation: 1.07s → 0.67s
Backswing: 1.47s → 0.67s
Recharge: 2s → 9.2s
Slow Angeltraiticon 1% → 50%
Zukan icon42
Immune to Waves

CRO Unit Rarity Changes
174 Master of the Pacific UR Dodge Adds a 17% chance to dodge attacks for 30f 1s, improves by 7% per level up to 80%

Zukan icon43 Adds a 10% chance to perform a level 5 mini-surge, improves by 10% per level up to 100%
Attackupability Upgrades attack power by 2% per level up to 20%

  • Added Ultra Talents for 2 Cats:
CRO Unit Rarity Changes
107 Divine Coppermine UR Attackfrequpability Decreases time between attacks by 5% per level up to 50%

Zombietraiticon Target Zombie
Zukan icon43 Adds a 10% chance to perform a level 3 mini-surge, improves by 10% per level up to 100%

125 Immortal Shingen UR Redtraiticon Target Red

Zombietraiticon Target Zombie
Akutraiticon Target Aku


ERO Enemy Trait
652 Lophiiformes Angaburu Zombie Floating Behemoth
653 Kappy Kawano Traitless


New Additions[]

Stage Name
Zero Legends Mapname004 nd en
Events Mapname344 s en Mapname345 s en Mapname346 s en Mapname347 s en Mapname348 s en

Stage Changes[]

Stage Name Changes
3 Crown Changes Mapname044 na en Mapname045 na en Mapname046 na en Magnification: x1 → x1.4
4 Crown Changes Mapname038 na en Mapname039 na en Mapname100 c ja Restrictions: Only Special and Rare Units
Mapname080 c en Magnification: x1 → x2

Restrictions: Only Special and Rare Units

Miscellaneous Mapname000 q en Mapname001 q en Mapname002 q en Stages: 17 → 20
Mapname282 s en Mapname282 s en 1
Mapname283 s en Mapname283 s en 1

Cat Combos[]

Name Cats Effect
Violated Chivalry Demon Knight Kyklops "Massive Damage" Effect UP (Sm)

Gacha Events[]


Banner Added Units Removed Units
Gatya bnr831
Uni714 f00 Uni645 f00 Uni694 f00
Gatya bnr823 en
Gatya bnr824 en
Uni715 f00

Meow Medals[]

Icon Name Description
Medal 108 Sanzu Swamp Guardian Clear "Invasion of the Swamplord"


  • Added 3 new User Rank rewards:
    • 20,400 grants +3 Coal Z.
    • 20,500 grants +3 Sprockets Z.
    • 20,600 grants +3 Gold Z.
  • Added feature to skip battle in cleared stages (After beating Hawaii in Empire of Cats Chapter 1).
    • Consumes two Cat CPUs to skip a stage.
    • Cat CPU turns golden when skipping a stage.
    • Players can only use this feature ten times per day.
  • Added 1 new Gamatoto Expedition area.
  • Added checkpoint system to Gauntlets.
    • Once the 10th stage is cleared, checkpoint starts at stage 10.
  • Changed base HP display such that it cannot be hidden by units.