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Release Dates[]

  • Japanese: August 23rd, 2023
  • International: September 25th, 2023


Added 2 new units, CRO ranges from 719~720:

CRO Name Rarity Source
719 Tekachi UR Gatya bnr835 en
Gatya bnr836 en
720 Ancient Egg: N006 EX Mapname281 s en
CRO Unit Rarity Changes
625 Ragelan Pasalan UR HP: 20,400 → 30,600

DPS: 1,118.83 → 1,433.26
TBA: 18.23s → 14.23s
Mini-Surge 0% → 100% for level 2
Immune to Surge

720 Fallen Bear Cat EX HP: 1,700 → 13,600

ATT: 35 → 9,520
DPS: 2.23 → 2,720.0
Range: 100 → 165
TBA: 15.7s → 3.5s
Speed: 5 → 10
Knockback: 1 → 2
Attack Animation: 1.07s → 0.2s
Backswing: 1.47s → 0.27s
Recharge: 2s → 4.53s
Behemoth Slayer

CRO Unit Rarity Changes
519 Lasvoss Reborn UR Recoverspeedupability Reduces recharge time by 20f 0.67 seconds, improves by 20f 0.67 seconds per level up to 200f 6.67 seconds

BaronKillerAbility Colossus Slayer
Movespeedupability Upgrades movement speed by 1 per level up to 10
Defenseupability Upgrades health by 2% per level up to 20%
Attackupability Upgrades attack power by 2% per level up to 20%

  • Added Ultra Talents for 2 Cats:
CRO Unit Rarity Changes
226 Mad Doctor Klay UR Traitlesstraiticon Target Traitless

Surge Immune Surge Immunity
BaronKillerAbility Colossus Slayer

258 Almighty Anubis UR Attackfrequpability Decreases time between attacks by 17f 0.57s per level up to 113f 3.77s

Costdownability Reduces cost by 40¢/60¢/80¢ per level up to 400¢/600¢/800¢
Shieldbreak Adds a 16% chance to pierce shields, improves by 6% per level up to 70%


ERO Enemy Trait
654 Mega Baa Baa Colossus
655 Crocodylidae Kurocroc Black Behemoth


New Additions[]

Stage Name
Main Chapters CotC2OMenuButton
Zero Legends Mapname005 nd en
Events Mapname281 s en Machines in Revolt

Stage Changes[]

Stage Name Changes
3 Crown Changes Mapname047 na en Mapname048 na en Magnification: x1 → x1.2
4 Crown Changes Mapname040 na en Mapname041 na en Mapname042 na en Restrictions: Only Special and Rare Units
Immortal Castle and Dragon Magnification: x1 → x2.5

Restrictions: Only Special and Rare Units

Cat Combos[]

Name Cats Effect
Anger Management Ragelan PasalanCat Researcher Worker Cat Start Level UP (M)

Gacha Events[]


Banner Added Units Removed Units
Gatya bnr835 en
Gatya bnr836 en
Uni719 f00

Meow Medals[]

Icon Name Description
Medal 109 Dead Stars 2 Clear all Cats of the Cosmos Ch. 2 Zombie Outbreak Stages
Medal 110 I Am Uncanny Legend 3 Clear All Level 3 Uncanny Legend stages


  • Added 3 new User Rank rewards:
    • 20,700 grants +3 Meteorite Z.
    • 20,800 grants +3 Beast Bones Z.
    • 20,900 grants +3 Ammonite Z.
  • Added volume sliders for background music and sound effects.
  • Added Cat Units Display Order option in the Upgrade Menu and Equip Menu. The order can be chosen either according to the Levels or Deploy Cost. The Deploy Cost option is only available in the Equip Menu.
  • Added “Evolvable” (only available after completing Empire of Cats Chapter 3) and “Talent Unlocked” (only available after completing Into the Future Chapter 3) options in the Filter Menu.
  • Added options to the Underground Labyrinth.
    • Added an option to not show the “temporary ranking” after a victory.
    • Added an option to show the enemies of the next stage after a defeat.
    • Added an option to automatically delete the trapped units.
    • Added an option to randomize the lineup.



  • The BGM and sound effects' volume sliders were initially exclusive to Yuru-i GeGeGe no Kitarou: Youkai Dotabata Daisensou, released November 1st, 2018. They were added to The Battle Cats Unite! in the 1.0.3 update on December 12th, 2019, which means it took over a year for any Battle Cats version to receive this feature and more than 3 years for it to be added to the main game.
  • There are two minor differences between the English and Japanese versions of the update banner. Not only does the English version have two Zoges instead of one, but if one looks closely, there's also a Zang Roo hidden behind Formicidaean Ariant.