Battle Cats Wiki

Release Dates[]

  • Japanese: March 28th, 2024
  • International: April 15th, 2024


Added 9 new units, CRO ranges from 737~745:

CRO Name Rarity Source
737 Floral Kalisa UR Gatya bnr880
738 Izanami of Dusk LR Gatya bnr877
739 1
EX Summon
740 Trash Cat EX Catnip challenges
741 Voluptuous Peony - Daji UR Gatya bnr879
742 Mollyanna Cat RR
743 Madhead RR Mapname215 c en
744 Felix the Cat Duke Cat EX
  • Day 1: Tower of Saviors Collaboration Event
745 Dotty Cat EX ItemPack bnr 839
CRO Unit Rarity Changes
138 Ultra Kaguya UR HP: 89,600 → 25,600

ATT: 96,000 → 8,000
DPS: 10,397.11 → 5,333.33
Range: 455 → 280
TBA: 9.23s → 1.5s
Speed: 7 → 8
Knockback: 4 → 3
Attack Animation: 3.27s → 0.2s
Backswing: 2.1s → 1s
Recharge: 141.2s → 7.2s
Slow 100% for 110f3.67 seconds → 20% for 70f2.33 seconds
Metal Killer

CRO Unit Rarity Changes
169 E UR Slow Adds a 100% chance to slow Metal enemies for 39f 1.3s, improves by 9f 0.3s per level up to 120f 4s

Immune to Waves Immune to Waves
Resist Surge Reduces surge damage by 5% per level up to 50%
Defense Up Upgrades health by 2% per level up to 20%
Attack Up Upgrades attack power by 2% per level up to 20%

401 Gigavolta UR Immune to Curse Curse Immunity

Immune to Slow Immune to Slow
Immune to Freze Immune to Freeze
Defense Up Upgrades health by 2% per level up to 20%
Attack Up Upgrades attack power by 2% per level up to 20%

  • Added Ultra Talents for 1 Cat:
CRO Unit Rarity Changes
335 Mer-Queen Ruri UR Dodge Attack Adds a 20% chance to dodge attacks for 24f 0.8s, improves by 4f 0.13s per level up to 60f 2s

Move Speed Up Upgrades movement speed by 1 per level up to 10
Immune to Freeze Immune to Freeze


ERO Enemy Trait
682 Dark Dober Black Sage
683 Gigahaniwan Relic Colossus
684 Mysterious Calamity Floating
685 Possessed Doge God Floating
686 Voluptuous Peony - Daji Floating
687 Madhead Traitless


New Additions[]

Stage Name
Zero Legends Mapname010 nd en
Events Disaster in the Wan Wan Kingdom Mapname370 s ja
Collaboration Mapname214 c en Mapname215 c en
Gauntlet Mapname065 a en Mapname066 a ja
Collaboration Gauntlet Mapname016 ca en
Enigma Mapname067 h en Mapname068 h en Mapname069 h en

Stage Changes[]

Stage Name Changes
Miscellaneous Mapname014 a en Rewards:

Lv.2: 3 Catamin [A] → 50,000 XP
Lv.4: 5 Bricks → 3 Catamin [A]
Lv.5: 250,000 XP → 3 Cat CPUs
Lv.6: 3 Catamin [B] → 250,000 XP
Lv.7: 5 Feathers → 3 Catamin [B]
Lv.8: 5 Coal → 500,000 XP
Lv.9: 2 Cat Tickets → 1 Cat Ticket
Lv.10: 500,000 XP → 3 Red Behemoth Stones
Lv.12: 5 Sprockets → 3 Purple Behemoth Stones
Lv.13: 5 Gold → 1 Cat Ticket
Lv.14: 3 Cat Tickets → 2 Blue Behemoth Stones
Lv.16: 5 Meteorite → 2 Green Behemoth Stones
Lv.18: 5 Beast Bones → 1 Yellow Behemoth Stone

Mapname030 a en Zoge: 10 → Infinite

Zir Zeal: 100% Base health → 99%
Dark Emperor Santa: 100% Base health → 99%, Boss

Cat Combos[]

Name Cats Effect
Full Transparency BlizanaMacho Crystal Cat Accounting Power UP (M)

Gacha Events[]

New Additions[]

Button Banner
Gatya btn62 Gatya bnr879


Banner Added Units Removed Units
Gatya bnr804 Uni737 f00 Uni645 f00 Uni667 f00 Uni629 f00 Uni654 f00
Gatya bnr877
Uni738 f00

Meow Medals[]

Icon Name Description
Medal 115 Gigahaniwan Tamed Clear "Gigahaniwan Strikes!"


ID Name File
snd164 Tower of Saviours Collab Battle Theme #1
snd165 Tower of Saviours Collab Battle Theme #2


  • Improved Enemy Guide:
  • Jumping to the Enemy Guide by clicking on enemy icons in the "Enemies Appearing" window after tapping a stage name only shows the enemies appearing in the stage, rather than the entire Enemy Guide.
  • Quitting a stage after 10 or more seconds will allow the player to see all enemies appearing by tapping on the stage's name. Previously, this could only be done after winning or losing the stage.
  • Relic is now listed before Aku in all menus.
  • Added 1 new Special Ability: Metal Killer.
    • Allows units to deal a percentage of Metal Enemies' current HP as damage.
  • Implemented Relic Talent Orbs.
  • Added a new stage mechanic, unofficially dubbed "Base Barrier":
    • Prevents the enemy base from being damaged until the boss is defeated, at which point the Base Barrier automatically shatters. In stages where the boss only spawns when the enemy base is damaged, the Base Barrier won't appear until the boss spawns.
    • Uses sprites for a green Barrier that were added to the game's files in Version 13.2.
    • Appears in all stages of Disaster in the Wan Wan Kingdom.
  • Added 3 new User Rank rewards:
    • 22,200 grants +3 Gold Z.
    • 22,300 grants +3 Meteorite Z.
    • 22,400 grants +3 Beast Bones Z.


  • In BCEN, the Enemy Guide update gave many enemies new names different from the ones they already had in event announcements. Below is a table listing the name changes.
    • The new names of Pumpkin Doge, Vendor El, Festival Sign Girl, Ice Doge, Golden Doge, Gold Hippoe, Gary Gory and Metal Snache are closer to their Japanese names, while Bears Be Bare and Bears Be Back are named after their respective events.
Original Name Enemy Guide Name
Audience Bears Bears Be Bare
Teacher A. Teacher A
Leggsy Dashing Face
Martin Marching Kory
Doge O'Lantern Pumpkin Doge
Blitzen Christmas D.
Carny Otta Festive Otter
Festival Ms. Sign Festival Sign Girl
Chicka Fry Vendor El
Mammothe Le'mammoth
Icy Doge Ice Doge
Easter Bunny Easter B.B.Bunny
Goldoge Golden Doge
Sir Hippoe Gold Hippoe
Sluggy (Red) Red Slug
Sluggy (Black) Black Slug
Sluggy (Angel) Angelic Slug
Gory Junior Gary Gory
Steel Snake Metal Snache
Le'saint Heavenly Le'saint
Variety Bears Bears Be Back
HaterBaa 2.0 Haterbaa 2.0