Battle Cats Wiki

Release Dates[]

  • Japanese: May 15th, 2024
  • International: June 10th, 2024


Added 13 new units, CRO ranges from 746~758:

CRO Name Rarity Source
746 Kenshin Himura UR Gatya bnr905
747 Sanosuke Sagara UR
748 Aoshi Shinomori UR
749 Hajime Saito UR
750 Li'l Kaoru SR
751 Li'l Yahiko SR
752 Kenshin Cat RR Mapname216 c en
753 Kaoru Cat EX
  • Day 1: Rurouni Kenshin Collaboration Event
754 Akechi Mitsuhide UR Gatya bnr881 en
Gatya bnr882 en
755 1
EX Summon
756 Cake Machine UR Gatya bnr887 en
757 Ancient Egg: N205 EX Gatya e bnr29 en
758 Dazzling Mercenary Trixie UR Gatya bnr889 tw
Gatya bnr889 kr
CRO Unit Rarity Changes
553 Fried Chicken Cat RR HP: 8,840 → 17,680

Range: 280 → 320
Target Relic
Zombie Killer Immune to Curse

757 Bride Cat EX HP: 1,700 → 15,300

ATT: 35 → 3,400
DPS: 2.23 → 1,378.38
Range: 100 → 180
TBA: 15.7s → 2.47s
Speed: 5 → 10
Attack Animation: 1.07s → 0.5s
Backswing: 1.47s → 0.73s
Recharge: 2s → 6.53s
Zombie Killer Behemoth Slayer

CRO Unit Rarity Changes
212 The Spectral Cat UR HP: 92,160 → 128,000

ATT: 63,360 → 92,800
DPS: 6,740.43 → 10,625.95
TBA: 9.4s → 8.73s
Backswing: 1.8s → 1.43s
Slow 0% → 100% for 140f4.67 seconds
Long Distance Range 465 → 1~466
Strong Against
Sage Slayer
Knockback Removed

CRO Unit Rarity Changes
137 Jizo's Mega-Castle UR Immune to Curse Curse Immunity

Immune to Toxic Immune to Toxic
Resist Surge Reduces surge damage by 5% per level up to 50%
Defense Up Upgrades health by 2% per level up to 20%
Attack Up Upgrades attack power by 2% per level up to 20%

240 Shishilan Pasalan UR Mini-Wave Adds a 5% chance to perform a level 3 mini-wave, improves by 5% per level up to 50%

Immune to Slow Immune to Slow
Resist Weaken Reduces weaken duration by 16%, improves by 6% per level up to 70%
Defense Up Upgrades health by 2% per level up to 20%
Attack Up Upgrades attack power by 2% per level up to 20%

  • Added Ultra Talents for 1 Cat:
CRO Unit Rarity Changes
043 Cat Machine Mk 3 UR Attack Frequency Up Decreases time between attacks by 17f 0.57s per level up to 62f 2.07s

Immune to Curse Curse Immunity
Barrier Breaker Adds a 19% chance to break Barriers, improves by 9% per level up to 100%


ERO Enemy Trait
688 Kenshin Himura Traitless
689 Sanosuke Sagara Traitless
690 Aoshi Shinomori Traitless
691 Hajime Saito Traitless
692 Doctor K.O. Red Sage


New Additions[]

Stage Name
Zero Legends Mapname011 nd en
Events Mapname372 s en Mapname373 s en Mapname374 s en Mapname375 s en Mapname376 s en
Collaboration Mapname216 c en Mapname217 c en Mapname218 c en Mapname219 c en
Collaboration Gauntlet Mapname017 ca en
Miscellaneous Mapname005 r en

Stage Changes[]

Stage Name Changes
3 Crown Changes Mapname308 s en Magnification: x1 → x2
Mapname309 s en Magnification: x1 → x1.8
Miscellaneous Mapsn309 04 s en Score reward (500): Rare Cat Ticket +1 → Cat Ticket +1

Cat Combos[]

Name Cats Effect
Dragon Aquarium Sea Serpent DaliasanLi'l Fish Cat Unit Speed UP (M)

Gacha Events[]

New Additions[]

Button Banner
Gatya btn63 en Gatya bnr905


Banner Added Units Removed Units
Gatya bnr881 en
Gatya bnr882 en
Uni754 f00
Gatya bnr887 en
Uni756 f00 Uni629 f00
Uni688 f00
Gatya e bnr29 en Uni000 m00
Gatya bnr889 tw
Gatya bnr889 kr
Uni758 f00

Meow Medals[]

Icon Name Description
Medal 116 Heinous Family Clear "Super Smash Families"


  • The player can now watch an ad to:
    • Double the amount of XP gained after completing an XP stage (3 times per day; resets at 12:00 AM)
    • Draw from the Event Capsule (once per day; resets at 12:00 AM)
    • Purchase 10,000 XP from the Store (cooldown: 8 hours)
    • Continue a stage after failing (cooldown: 8 hours)
  • Increased Ancient Egg: N201 and Ancient Egg: N203's + level caps to +20.
  • Added 3 new User Rank rewards:
    • 22,500 grants +3 Ammonite Z.
    • 22,600 grants +5 Catamin [A].
    • 22,700 grants +5 Catamin [B].