Battle Cats Wiki

Release Dates[]

  • Japanese: June 24th, 2024
  • International: July 18th, 2024


Added 3 new units, CRO ranges from 759~761:

CRO Name Rarity Source
759 Music Fest Thundia UR Gatya bnr904
760 Gunduros UR Gatya bnr890 en
Gatya bnr891 en
761 1
UR Summon
CRO Unit Rarity Changes
448 Immortal Miyamoto LR HP: 82,960 → 94,860

ATT: 20,364 → 25,294
DPS: 9,256.36 → 11,497.27
Weaken Immunity
Slow Immunity

528 Royal Guard Cat RR HP: 15,300 → 23,800

ATT: 2,040 → 3,570
DPS: 3,060 → 5,355
Range: 130 → 165
Speed: 11 → 15
Target Alien
Immune to Waves

647 Divine Huntress Terun ζ UR Strong Against
CRO Unit Rarity Changes
059 Cats in the Stroller UR Speed: 12 → 18

Omni Strike Range -100~300
Wave Attack 30% → 40%
Wave Attack Lv.2 → Lv.3

CRO Unit Rarity Changes
358 Opulent Verbena UR Critical Upgrades critical chance by 1% per level up to 10%

Survive Adds a 28% chance to survive a lethal strike, improves by 8% per level up to 100%
Resist Surge Reduces freeze duration by 16% per level up to 70%
Defense Up Upgrades health by 2% per level up to 20%
Attack Up Upgrades attack power by 2% per level up to 20%

594 Ultra Atlantis Logistix UR Soulstrike Soulstrike

Slow Adds a 100% chance to slow for 24f0.8s, improves by 4f0.13s per level up to 60f2s
Immune to Weaken Immune to Weaken
Resist Freeze Reduces freeze duration by 16%, improves by 6% per level up to 70%
Defense Up Upgrades health by 2% per level up to 20%
Attack Up Upgrades attack power by 2% per level up to 20%

  • Added Ultra Talents for 1 Cat:
CRO Unit Rarity Changes
086 God-Emperor Kamukura UR Sage Slayer Sage Slayer

Slow Upgrades slow chance by 5% per level up to 50%
Cost Down Reduces cost by 100¢/150¢/200¢ per level up to 1,000¢/1,500¢/2,000¢


ERO Enemy Trait
693 Wave Scarecrow Typeless
694 Techn-Old Hyena StarredAlien Sage


New Additions[]

Stage Name
Zero Legends Mapname012 nd en
Events Mapname377 s en Mapname378 s en Mapname379 s en Mapname380 s en Mapname381 s en
Miscellaneous Mapname000 sr en Mapname000 sr en Mapname028 r en

Cat Combos[]

Name Cats Effect
Windburst Grand Yokai TenguTrue Valkyrie CatCatarzan "Knockback" Effect Up (L)

Gacha Events[]

New Additions[]

Button Banner
Gatya btn64 en Gatya bnr903
Gatya btn65 en Gatya bnr904


Banner Added Units Removed Units
Gatya bnr890 en
Gatya bnr891 en
Uni760 f00

Removed Banners[]

Button Banner
Gatya btn20 Gatya bnr831


ID Name File
snd166 Zero Legends Theme #6


  • Added feature to go to a stage when double tapping a Treasure.
  • Raised Kabuto Cat and Kuwagata Cat's + level caps from +35 to +40.
  • Raised Ancient Egg: N202's + level cap from +10 to +20.
  • Increased maximum Cat Shrine level to 70.
  • Added 3 new User Rank rewards:
    • 22,800 grants +5 Catamin [C].
    • 22,900 grants +10 Cat CPUs.
    • 23,000 grants +1 Rare Ticket.