Version 5.0 of Nyanko Daisensou was released on April 1st, 2016 with many new contents added in the game.

True Form for Gacha-exclusive Cats


Some Cat Units that can be unlocked via the Rare Cat Capsule, now can be upgraded to its third form!

  • Akira, which upgrades to Inferno Akira.

  • Nekoluga, which upgrades to Ultralan Pasalan.

  • Windy, which upgrades to Divine Windy.
  • Thundia, which upgrades to Divine Thundia.

  • Momotaro, which upgrades to The Peach Devils.

  • Maeda Keiji, which upgrades to Immortal Keiji.

  • Megidora, which upgrades to God-Emperor Megidora.

  • All the Super Rare Cats can obtain True Form in this update:

  • Bath Cat, which upgrades to Luxury Bath Cat.
  • Bodhisattva Cat, which upgrades to Tathagata Cat
  • All the Rare Cats can obtain true Form in this update:

    Third Form evolution method

    Third Form of the Cats mentioned can be unlocked by using XP and Cat Fruit, which is item drop in daily Stages. After clearing the "Evolution material acquisition" stage, an Extra stage will appear with high change to get Cat Fruit. Cat Fruit is stored in the Storage, players can confirm the number of Cat Fruits in stock there.

    • This feature will available after clearing Empire of cats - Chapter 3.
    • Third Form evolution can be done in the Power Up screen.
    • To acquire True Form, a Cat's level must be at least 30 or higher.

    Gamatoto Expedition

    A new feature was added in the Cat Base Menu: "Gamatoto Expedition".

    The Cat adventurer Gamatoto will explore a large variety of areas. It takes a period of time to explore, then come back and get the items such as XP and Cat Foods. Excavation items are different in each area. To open a new area to level up Gamatoto, players need to get all Rare items

    Notes: To open this feature, Empire of Cats - Chapter 1-23 must be cleared.

    New Item: Catseye

    Main article: Catseye.

    Catseye is used for raising the Cat's upper limit level by 1 per use. The player need rank 1600 or more, and a Cat's level must be 30 or more to use this Catseye item. Catseyes are available in Gamatoto's Expedition as Rare Items.

    Story of Legend updates

    The 28th Chapter was added. There is a Special Cat available as item drop in this level "Red Riding Mina".

    3-star difficulty Battle Royale was also added. Difficulty for later SoL stages are increasing.

    Cat Combo updates

    The possible-trggering Cat Combos now can be viewed in the Cat Combo Picture Book. The Cat Combo Book was revamped for better navigation.

    Other updates

    • User Rank rewards now can be viewed.
    • Fixed the amount of energy when using cat Food to recover For examble: a player with maximum energy is 600, the energy will tempotarily change to 700 if the player use Cat Food to recover his energy at 100.


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