Update version 6.0 of Nyanko Daisensou was released on April, 24th, 2017.


  • Ototo Development Team

The Cat Base now can be modified /strengthened more. The classic base can be upgraded to have higher health and cannon power. In addition, 3 new bases were introduced:


  • Slow Cannon: スロウ砲は敵の動きを遅くするにゃんこ砲にゃ!レベルアップすると、遅くする時間が少し伸びるにゃ~
  • Thunderbolt Cannon: かみなり砲は攻撃時に敵の動きを止めるにゃんこ砲にゃ!味方の最前線にかみなりを落とすにゃ!レベルアップすると、動きを止める時間が少し伸びるにゃ~
  • Iron Wall Cannon: 鉄壁砲は鉄壁ユニットを召喚するにゃんこ砲にゃ!敵の最前線に鉄壁ユニットが出現するにゃ!レベルアップすると、鉄壁の体力と出現時間が少し伸びるにゃ~

Each new cannon have a special ability (Slowing enemies or creating a metal-attribute wall), the player can build them by using Ototo, Gamatoto's brother. Each base has 3 stages to be completed and require specific materials gathering throughout the Stories of Legend levels. To build/upgrade the base, the player needs material and building assistants, which can be recruited along with Gamatoto's assistants after his expedition.

Ototo Development Team can be accessed by the same way as Gamatoto Expedition. Building the base will takes 12~24 hours, which can be depleted by Catamns.

  • Stories of Legend Additional:
  • Added a new chapter: Cutpurse Coast.
  • 2-star: Walk of Fame;
  • 3-star: Quarantine Isles;
  • 4-star: Capone's Jail - Silk Road (Rares and Specials only)
  • New Cats

This event introduces a new Uber Rare Set: GirlsMons, sneak peek taken from PONOS' Instagram page:

  • New True Forms

This update introduced 3 new True Forms:

  • Other Adjustments
  • Raised Gamatoto level cap to 76;
  • Adjusted the difficulty of some Into the Future stages;


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