Version 6.3 was released in July 26th, 2017.

Cat Units

Added 3 new cats:

Added 3 True Forms

Slot for Slug Jockey Cat in the Cat Guide is missing.

  • Li'l Cats can be upgraded to level MAX +30 (in update 6.3.1).

Enemy Units

Added 3 new enemies:

Levels and Stages

The Challenge Battle is back, it is now in the Stories of Legend menu, with a No Continues restriction and an energy cost of 0.

  • The player can't use Battle Items here.
  • It is the same as Challenge Battle before 6.2, the score does not carry over.

Stories of Legend expansion:

New events:


  • Yurudrasil (2nd time)
  • An event related to the manga 「にゃんこ大戦争~日本侵略秘録~」

Catnip Challenges

  • Weekly Missions: Each week will have a different set of 5 missions, four of which are guerrilla missions and the last is complete-all-the-above mission.
  • New Event Missions:
    • 3 missions: Grinding Lucky Tickets in the new Summer event (3 missions). Reward: 1 Cat Ticket.
    • Unlock Awa-Odori Cat. Reward: 50000 XP.
    • Clearing all Summer missions. Reward: 30 Cat Food.
    • Passing score on certain Summer Diary stages. Reward: 10 Cat Food.


  • Added User Rank rewards up to User Rank 5800, Normal Cats can reach level 20+80 at this point. The rest are Catseyes and Treasure Radar rewards.
  • The Cat Combo list can be sorted by a cat unit's category.
  • Number of Tickets will show "99+" if the player has 100 or more tickets.
  • Dojo's ranking system: costs Cat Food, won't refund back.


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