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Version 9.1 for Nyanko Daisensou was released on the 27th of November, 2019.


Added 4 new units, CRO ranges from 525 to 528:

CRO Name Rarity Source
525 Kintaro UR Ancient Heroes Ultra Souls Gacha
526 Snow Angel Twinstars UR Xmas Gals Gacha
527 Slime Cat RR The Old Queen Drop
528 Cossack Cat RR Papuu's Paradise Drop



Meow Medals

Icon Name Description
Okamemedal.png Tormented Clear "Courts of Torment"
Angeldaboomedal.png Vox Deus Clear "Papuu's Paradise"
Relicqueenbmedal.png Ancient Dynasty Clear "The Old Queen"


  • User Rank 11,800 grants +5 Catamin C.
  • Epic Catfruit Seeds are implemented.
  • Increased Gamatoto level cap to 108.
  • Bug fixed with 7th Anniversary Slots.
  • Blue Impact receives a nerf, peons appear and re-appear at a longer interval.
  • Added a Lunar New Year variant of the UBERFEST banner.
  • Ultima Twinstars, type Ф changed to Divine Twinstars.
  • All Seasonal Gals now have the missing type added in the name, Hallowindy αHallowindy, type α.

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