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Version 9.5 for Nyanko Daisensou was released on April 15th, 2020.


  • Added 6 new units, CRO ranged from 540 to 545:
CRO Name Rarity Note
540 U.F.O. Cat RR Nissin U.F.O. Collaboration Drop Reward
541 Yakisoba Cat EX Nissin U.F.O. Collaboration Login Reward
542 Cat Boy EX Milestone Event
543 Kasli the Bane UR EPICFEST Gacha.
544 Kyosaka Nanaho LR Girls & Monsters: Angels of Terror Gacha.
545 Phantom Cat RR Last of the Dead Drop Reward.



Meow Medals

Icon Name Description
Medal 076.png ...And Stay Dead 3 Clear all Into the Future Ch. 3 Zombie Outbreak Stages
Medal 077.png Angel of Undeath Clear "Last of the Dead"


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