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Version 9.7 for Nyanko Daisensou was released on the 22nd of June, 2020.


  • Added 5 new units, CRO ranged from 555 to 559:
CRO Name Rarity Note
555 Shaman Khan UR Bikkuriman Collaboration Gacha
556 Holy Knight Alibaba SR Bikkuriman Collaboration Gacha
557 Heavenly Jack EX Bikkuriman Collaboration Event Gacha
558 Gacha Cat EX In-App Purchase
559 Hell Warden Emma UR Wave Busters Gacha



Meow Medals

Icon Name Description
Medal 080.png Rites of Spring Clear "Total War: Spring Special"
Medal 081.png Song of Summer Clear "Total War: Summer Special"
Medal 082.png Feast of Fall Clear "Total War: Fall Special"
Medal 083.png Dance of Winter Clear "Total War: Winter Special"
Medal 084.png Year-Round Clear all Total War season maps


  • Added new feature, Talent Orbs:
    • This item can be equipped to certain True Form Cats to improve their attack or defense against a trait. Each unit may only hold one Orb at a time.
    • Each Orb affects a different target, which can be either Red, Black, Floating, Metal, Angel, Alien or Zombie.
    • The trait isn't added to a cat's targets, the effect is independent, so cats with Special Abilities will not affect this new trait.
    • Talent Orbs can either affect damage or health.
    • Talent Orbs have ranks, higher rank means better stats boost. Known ranks from best to worst are:
      • S
      • A
      • B
      • C
      • D
    • The ranks of Talent Orbs can be increased by combining Talent Orbs of lower rank.
    • Unequipping Talent Orbs costs NP.
    • They have a section in the storage in which Talent Orbs can combined or sold for NP. Up to 128 can be held at any time.
    • Can drop from the new Enigma Stages.
  • User Rank 12,400 grants 5 Yellow Catfruit.
  • Maximum number of teams increased from 10 to 15 but each extra one still costs 90 Cat Food and requires a certain amount of Meow Medals:
    • 11th team - 25 Medals
    • 12th team - 50 Medals
    • 13th team - 60 Medals
    • 14th team - 70 Medals
    • 15th team - 80 Medals
  • New Cat Combo known as Spinning Out (回っております Mawatteorimasu) featuring Gacha Cat grants the effect Starting Money Up (Sm).
  • Option to hide cleared and locked stages in each section of the Legend Stages.

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