Violet Flash (Expert) is the second stage in Growing Purple.


A steady flow of Gory Blacks and one or two Shadow Boxer K's will spawn giving you some cash to build up your worker cat. Once the base is attacked, 4 Dark Otters will spawn consecutively alongside some Shadow Boxer K's, and some more Doge Darks and Gory Blacks appear as peons. The Shadow Boxer K's will eat away at your meatshields, and if you aren't prepared the Dark Otter will destroy your long ranged attackers, so be alert. This battle is especially tough without a strategy, and if you attack the base too early you are most certainly going to die (assuming you don't have very powerful anti-blacks).


Strategy 1

Line Up: Mohawk, Eraser, Crazed Macho, Macho Legs, Jamiera, Paris, Bahamut, Dragon, Crazed UFO and The Flying Cat.

Same strategy as before. Start with Macho Legs and Paris, go soft, gain money, and when you're ready, start the assault. This time though, three Dark Otters will come out of the base. There's not very much difference, if not for the boss. As the Dark Otters spawn, get Bahamut. Not many hits it needs to take and they die. You still have to watch out for the other black enemies. When all of the Dark Otters (there are three of them) will die, go for the base and you'll win.


Video Player Notes

Commentary Strategy Guide (No Ubers Needed) Growing Purple, Violet Flash Battle Cats-3

Chuck No Ubers. Strategy works for all difficulty levels and low level cats.


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