Violet Flash (Hard) is the first stage in Growing Purple.


Soon after stage starts, a few Doge Darks come out one after another with a couple of Gory Blacks coming out too. Once you hit the base, a Shadow Boxer K comes out along with a Gory Black and a Doge Dark.


Strategy 1

Line Up: Macho cat, Wall cat, Meatshield (such as Boogie, Catburger, or anything else), Sexy Legs, Paris Cat, UFO Cat, Mythical Titan, Dragon Cat. True forms are preferred but are not needed.

Start off by saving some money and leveling up your Worker Cat. When the Doge Dark / Gory Black come near your base, spawn Sexy Legs, Paris Cat and UFO Cat. Go soft, you don't want to rush the base. If the base is hit, a mass of Doge Dark, Gory Black and the boss, Shadow Boxer K, will appear. Simply spam all the units and it's going to be very easy.


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