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Violet Flash (Hard) is the first stage in Growing Purple.


Soon after stage starts, a few Doge Darks come out one after another with a couple of Gory Blacks coming out too. Once you hit the base, a Shadow Boxer K comes out along with a Gory Black and a Doge Dark.


Strategy 1

Lineup: Macho Cat, Wall Cat, Meatshield (such as Boogie, Catburger, or anything else), Sexy Legs, Paris Cat, UFO Cat, Mythical Titan Cat, Dragon Cat. True forms are preferred but are not needed.

Start off by saving some money and leveling up your Worker Cat. When the Doge Dark / Gory Black come near your base, spawn Sexy Legs, Paris Cat and UFO Cat. Go soft, you don't want to rush the base. If the base is hit, a mass of Doge Dark, Gory Black and the boss, Shadow Boxer K, will appear. Simply spam all the units and it's going to be very easy.

Strategy 2 (Ft. Ring Girl Cat)

Lineup: Mohawk cat, Eraser Cat, Crazed Cat, Crazed Wall Cat, Bombercat, Paris Cat (preferably Cyborg), Ring Girl Cat, Crazed Bahamut Cat and any other hard hitters.

When the battle begins, level up your worker cat to level 2-3. When doge dark and gory black come out, lure them near your base. Spawn all 3-4 meatshields with ring girl cat. After gory black dies, start spawning a lot of meatshields, paris, and cooldown. Once your cats reached about halfway across the battlefield, spawn C. Bahamut. Once the SBK comes out, keep spamming meatshields. After you kill SBK, you have basically beat the stage.

Strategy 3

Lineup: Wall Cat, 2 other meatshields (use Crazed Wall if you have it, but Samba, Macho, or Li'l Wall can also work), a cheap DPS meatshield/attacker that can take care of the Doge Darks (Artist being ideal here), Sexy Legs, Crazed Bahamut, True Valkyrie, any Ubers, and for any space left in your lineup, Catcombos.

In the beginning, spawn some meatshields and your early Doge Dark killer. Don't spawn too much - you'll want enough money to spawn your Uber/Bahamut. But make sure that you can afford or almost afford your Uber when Gory Black comes especially if you're low leveled, or else Gory Black and Doge Dark will destroy you. When Gory Black comes, spawn your Uber to kill the Gory Black. After spawning your Uber, start spamming Sexy Legs. Don't ever stop meatshielding, but if you think your wallet can't take it (because you'll want to spawn Bahamut when SBK spawns) loosen up the meatshielding a bit. When Shadow Boxer K spawns, spawn Bahamut and hope you can hit SBK properly. If you miss or if Bahamut gets killed, force restart the level. If SBK takes Bahamut's hit, spawn True Valkyrie and you should be on track to win. After spawning Valkyrie, SBK should die soon, and just spam everything to win.

This strategy needs a bit of luck for Bahamut to hit SBK, but it works if you don't have TFs, anti-blacks, or Paris.


Video Player Notes

Commentary Strategy Guide (No Ubers Needed) Growing Purple, Violet Flash Battle Cats-1601798577

Chuck No Ubers. Strategy works for all difficulty levels and low level cats.