Warlock and Pierre is an Uber Rare Cat that can be unlocked by rolling the Rare Cat Capsule during the Dark Heroes event. True Form limits their targets further, but gives them significantly increased health and attack power along with immunity to debuffs, which was added in update 6.3.

Cat Unit # 226
Uber Rare Cat

Warlock and Pierre

Dark Merchant Babil



Evolves into Dark Merchant Babil at level 10.

Evolves into Mad Doctor Klay at level 30 using Catfruit.


  • Ridiculously high attack power and stamina.
  • Decent range and movement speed.
  • Quick attack animation.
  • Normal Form deals quadruple damage to the enemy base (base destroyer.)
  • Evolved Form gains double money from defeated enemies.
  • True Form improves damage and health.
  • True Form is immune to Freeze, Slow, Knockback and Weaken debuffs.


  • High cost.
  • Long recharge time.
  • Normal Form only attacks Floating Enemies, Alien Enemies, and bases (can be good for stacking.)
  • Evolved Form only attacks Alien Enemies, Angel Enemies and bases.
  • True Form only attacks Alien Enemies and bases.
  • Few knockbacks as an attacker.


  • His attack is gargantuan; however, he can only hurt a few type of enemies, making him situational.
  • You can use his flaw to your advantage: he won't attack until an enemy he can hurt is under his range, thereby he won't lose an attack on peons, allowing the player to wait until he attacks one more time. This also allows you to stack him; an example of this is stacking him (in his normal form) against the crazed cat to beat the stage without spawning the boss.
  • His normal form can deal massive damage to the enemy's castle, and most of the time it is enough to win the battle in a single hit, assuming there is no boss who appears while knocking back all your cats.
  • His evolved form makes extra money from Angel and Alien enemies. It is especially useful as most Aliens don't drop that much money.
  • His normal form has a broader range of use, as you expect to encounter Floating enemies more often than Angel enemies - and they are mostly tough to defeat.
  • Best used in Into the Future and Cats of the Cosmos, as he is a more powerful Bahamut for Aliens and attacks 3 times faster.
  • If acquired early on in the game, this unit can make Into The Future a cakewalk for beginners.
  • Because he has a fairly long attack animation, he seems to miss a lot like Bahamut's first and second form.
  • Can be very useful to "cheese" stages, which means beating them without really facing much of the real challenge.


Switch EN/JP

Cat Unit # 226

Uber Rare Cat
Warlock and Pierre
Uni226 f00
EN Description
A precocious young sorcerer who has enslaved a nightmare. Its infernal powers deliver massive damage only to Aliens, Floating and enemy bases.
Dark Merchant Babil
Uni226 c002
EN Description
With his nightmare's true form revealed, they now journey collecting wicked souls. Huge damage only to Angel/Alien, gets big money for each enemy defeat.
Mad Doctor Klay
Uni226 s00
EN Description
Picked up an online degree in occult anatomy. 1st attempt at a soul transplant: GREAT SUCCESS!(?) Delivers extreme damage, but only to Aliens/bases!

Cat Unit # 226

Uber Rare Cat
呪術師デスピエロ (Jujutsu-shi desupiero)
Uni226 f00
JP Script

エイリアンと浮いてる敵しか攻撃できないが 超破壊力を備え、城を破壊するのが得意(範囲攻撃)

EN Translation
Handedly shamans that containment the nefarious demon soul puppet

Only an alien and the enemy who floats can be attacked. Equipped with the super-destructive power, good at destroying a castle (area attack).

闇商人バビル (Yami shōnin babiru)
Uni226 c002
JP Script

エイリアンと天使しか攻撃できないが超破壊力を備え、 敵を倒したときにお金を多くもらえる(範囲攻撃)

EN Translation
The hellish merchant who handles a demon, collects sinner's souls and sells them.

Only an alien and an angel can be attacked, but has super-destructive power. When beating an enemy, you can gain more money (area attack).

奇術科学者クレイG (Kijutsu kagaku-sha Kurei G)
Uni226 s00
JP Script

つぎはぎの肉体に魂を宿す実験を重ねる(範囲攻撃) エイリアンしか攻撃できないが超破壊力を備える

EN Translation
Mad scientist getting into research into his curiosity Overlapping experiments to hold a soul in the body of the patch (Range attack) Can only attack aliens but have super destructive power


  • Chapter 1: $4090
  • Chapter 2: $6135
  • Chapter 3: $8180


Warlock and Pierre
Health Attack Power Attack Range Time between attacks Movement Speed Knockback Attack animation Recharging Time
6200 HP 6410 damage 430 7.97s 8 2 times 70f 2.33 seconds 173.67-164.87s
Health (Lv.30) Attack Power (Lv.30) Attack Type Special Ability
105400 HP 108970 damage Area Attack Only attacks Floating and Alien enemies;

Base Destroyer (deals x4 damage to enemy's base)

Dark Merchant Babil
Health (Lv.30) Attack Power (Lv.30) Attack Range Time between attacks Movement Speed Knockback Attack animation Recharging Time
105400 HP 108970 damage 430 7.97s 8 2 times 70f 2.33 seconds 173.67-164.87s
Attack Type Special Ability
Area Attack Only attacks Angel and Alien enemies;

Gains double money when defeating an enemy.

Mad Doctor Klay
Health (Lv.30) Attack Power (Lv.30) Attack Range Time between attacks Movement Speed Knockback Attack animation Recharging Time
158100 HP 163455 damage 430 7.97s 8 2 times 70f 2.33 seconds 173.67-164.87s
Lv.MAX Attack Type Special Ability
Lv.40+60 Area Attack Only attacks Alien enemies;

Immune to Knockback, Slow, Freeze and Weaken effects.

*First stats are 1st form's initial, second and third stats include 300% Empire of Cats Treasures; recharge time may vary.
*Time between attacks is the time of the attack from the attack's execution until the next attack animation starts (includes backswing).
For units with multi-hit attacks, attack animation is the part of the animation leading up to the first hit.
*See this section to calculate Warlock and Pierre's stats.

Catfruit Requirement

GreenFruit x3 RedFruit x2
BlueFruit x8 YellowFruit x4
RainbowFruit x3 XP1000000


  • Warp Immunity (Cost: 100 NP)
  • Wave Immunity (Cost: 100 NP)
  • Curse Immunity (Cost: 100 NP)
  • Defense Buff: Upgrades health by 2% per level up to 20% (Total Cost: 175 NP)
  • Attack Buff: Upgrades attack power by 2% per level up to 20% (Total Cost: 175 NP)
  • Total NP Cost: 650 NP


  • Normal Form: A young boy dressed in a jester-like outfit (most likely Warlock) holding the chain to a large smiling patchwork cat creature (Pierre). It attacks by lunging at the enemy with its spiked hands, while the boy tries to pull it back. There is also a cat in the balloons tied to the creature's back.
  • Evolved Form: As the description says, the creature's true form is now revealed; a large black demon now chained up even more (by what could be Babil) around its torso and ankles (one of the chain balls being a cat). It has large claws on its hands. Now attacks by lunging at the enemy head-first, while its captor still tries to pull it back.
  • True Form: Both the boy and the creature are steampunk-themed. The creature has gears and screws coming out of its shoulders, back, and fists. On one gear has a face of a cat. It is also seems covered up with some cloth or bandages and has goggles on top of its head. The boy is wearing a hat with a gas mask, and a robe with some vials. In one hand, he is holding the creature's chain, and in the other, he is holding a green potion. Now attacks by jumping upon and crushing the enemy, while its captor still tries to pull it back.


  • If Warlock & Pierre land a hit on a base, it can deal the 2nd highest damage possible in the game. A level 30 Warlock & Pierre deals an insane 435880 Damage on a base! Compared to a Critical Hit from a level 30 Lufalan Pasalan at which deals 248200 Damage, there is a difference of 187680 Damage! Lasvoss, has dethroned this. When strengthened if he lands a savage blow he does a whopping 459,000. And unlike Warlock & Pierre he isnt limited to bases, he can attack anything with this high damage.
    • Eva Unit-00, however, was able to deal the highest damage in the game during the Evangelion Collab: against Eva Angels and with the help of the You Will Find Happiness cat combo, it inflicted 1168750 damage per hit at level 30!
  • Mad Doctor Klay currently does the highest raw damage per hit in the game, surpassing Immortal Shingen with a whopping 163455 at level 30!
  • Mad Doctor Klay and Backhoe Cat are the only units that can only hurt one type of enemy.
  • This is the only Dark Hero that gets a stats buff in True Form.
  • Its True Form is likely inspired by Marry Shelly's 'Frankenstein', as referenced to by the occult anatomy and soul transplant mentions in Mad Doctor Klay's description.



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