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Warning of the Setting Sun is the third stage in Between Truth and Lies.



Use high damaging cats such as Can Can Cat at the start to get rid of the Haniwanwans alongside the Relic Doges. If the Relic Doges push too much, summon some Slapstick Cats. The Relic Doges and Haniwanwans are your main cash source here, so try to defeat them with Can Can Cat (with Bounty talent unlocked). Once you've hit the base, spam meatshields such as Manic Eraser Cat, Eraser Cat, and Future Cat. Note, do not use any knockback resistant/immune cats, as they would be a stepping stone for the Axoloties to hit. Constantly spam your meatshields along with Slapstick Cats to fight the M. Ost. When the 2nd Axoloty spawns and presumably fails to hit you, stop spawning for a while and lure the M. Ost closer to your base. This is to prevent accidental knockbacks of the 3 Axolotyls which would trigger their attack animations again. If you think an Axoloty is going to hit you, spawn an Octopus Cat, just to be safe. After defeating the M. Ost, use any means you like to defeat the 3 Axoloties and destroy the base.

Strategy 1 (4 Crown)[]

Lineup: Biohazard, Bony Bone, Future Cat, Boulder Cat, Courier Cat 50, Cat Mask Doron, Mystic Uril, Awakened Naala 50, Ape Lord Luza 50


  • Ape Lord Luza can be replaced with another unit that outranges M. Ost, such as Awakened Urs.
  • Do NOT use Breakerblast for this level.

Future Cat on their own can stall all the enemies until Haniwanwan arrives. Try to lure the enemies close to your base. From here, start sending out Courier Cat and spam Future Cat for the rest of the game. Get Awakened Naala and Mystic Uril, but DO NOT get Ape Lord Luza yet.

The first Axoloty should miss his wave, but the second one is likely to hit and clear the entire field. When the entire field is clear, let Awakened Naala get knocked back, send out Ape Lord Luza, then start spamming Boulder Cat to let Ape Lord Luza smash M. Ost to bits.