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Wave Attacks (also known as wave attacks, Waves, waves, or Shockwaves) are a special ability/effect in The Battle Cats. They can be created by certain Cat Units and Enemy Units at a set chance.

Cat Base Jr. creating a Wave Attack


Wave Attacks hit all enemies/cats in their range, but don't affect bases. The damage done by Wave Attacks is the same as the normal attack from cats or enemies. Wave Attacks will retain any special ability that the original attack had.

Wave Attacks have a level, which determines the number of Wave Attack blasts produced. The starting Wave Attack range for enemies is 467.5, which can make a Level 1 Wave Attack hit Bahamut Cat (450 range); Whereas for cats, the starting Wave Attack range is 332.5. Each Wave Attack level applies 200 extra range.


Mini-Wave (also known as mini-waves) is an ability introduced in version 10.1. Smaller and weaker than Wave Attacks, Mini-Waves deal only 20% of their creator's attack power, and move at twice the speed of normal Waves. Unlike Surge Attacks, Mini-Waves are counted as the same effect as Wave Attacks, meaning they are resisted by anti-Wave units all the same.

A unit creating a Mini-Wave


Cat Units

Enemy Units


  • Wave Attacks have more range than they seem to, with the hitbox reaching further than the Wave Attack visuals. This can be annoying sometimes, as units that should be safe from the waves will still get hit.
  • Wave Attacks operate at a delay, and they are a separate hitbox from the attack which triggered them, meaning that if the unit which created the waves is knocked back, the waves will still progress and deal damage independently. This can be seen when Crazed Gross Cat attacks the enemy base in the Challenge Battle, triggering the summon of Assassin Bear, and even though Crazed Gross Cat's attack has ended, the waves still progress forward, killing Assassin Bear.
  • There are several abilities that reduce the effect of Wave Attacks:
  • Wave Attacks are entirely separate from Surge Attacks.


  • Kory is the first and formerly only character to have Wave Attacks.
  • Crazed Gross Cat and Crazed Titan Cat are the first Cat Units to have Wave Attacks.
  • Enemy Units will create blue waves, and Cat Units will create purple waves.
  • Wave Attacks resemble the blast from the default Cat Cannon.