Way of the Samurai (Insane) is the second stage in Samurai Awakens!.


Starts out with the usual weak peons. Nothing new. But hitting the base enough will spawn St. Pigges the 2nd and a Shy Boy. Hitting the base some more unleashes the hellish wave. Shy Boys and St. Pigges the 2nd will now spawn infinitely. Le'boins will also start spawning. Pastry Cat appears as the boss, but the main problem spawns right after Pastry Cat: Bore. After that, Bore will spawn every 1 minute or so.



1st row: Crazed Macho Cat, Mohawk Cat, Eraser Cat, Crazed Wall Cat, Macho Legs Cat

2nd row: Crazed UFO Cat, Crazed Dragon Cat, King Dragon Cat, Bahamut Cat, Ururun Cat

Powerups: Rich Cat (Optional), Sniper the Cat (Must have)

Start out by stalling until you have enough money. After you've got enough money, spawn Macho Legs and Crazed Sexy Legs. After defeating the Shy Boy and St. Pigges the 2nd, spawn Bahamut and Ururun Cat. After that, spawn whatever you can to defeat the waves. After Pastry Cat dies, the level should be no problem.


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