We'll Meet Again (Merciless) (また会えるよ 超極ムズ) is the second stage in Unit-13 Strikes!, and upon completion, gives the user the true form of Shinji & Cat. This is a No Continues Stage.


This stage is similar to It's Not Your Fault (Veteran), but the stage length is shorter, but with stronger peons.

The main purpose of these peons is to make your Eva units unable to hit Awakened Eva Unit-13, the main boss, so they’re put into an endless weaken cycle.


Do NOT bring Meatshields! This allows Unit-13 to easily activate its attack and push as there are no fast meatshields that are immune to freeze or knockback, with the exception of Curling Cat. It will also waste your money because it can OHKO them. You should try avoiding activating his attack at all costs. If you have no Eva units, this stage is close to impossible. The free ones given to you will not do their job, as Shinji is outranged and Kaworu, unless in true form, is also outranged. Do not bring Awakened Ayanami, because thanks to her knockback resist, once she gets into Unit-13's range, the boss will repeatedly attack, knocking back and killing your other anti-Eva Angel cats. Instead, a more effective Super Rare is Plug Suit Rei, who resists weaken, thus dealing great damage to Unit-13. Her range is not great, but if you can stack a couple of them and get the first shot in, they can repeatedly knock back the boss, delaying its attack.

Every Eva Uber except for Unit-01, if the You Will Find Happiness combo is activated, can outrange and knock back Unit-13 with every hit unless they’re weakened, turning this Merciless stage into nothing more than a joke.


Video Player Notes

Eva Angel Killer Cheese Combo -- Unit-13 Strikes! – We’ll Meet Again (Merciless) -- Battle Cats

Chuck Requires Kaworu, Shinji and any EVA Angel Killer Uber.
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