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XP Bonanza! (超極悪ゲリラ経験値にゃ!, Chō Gokuaku Gerira Keikenchi Nya!, Super Malevolent Guerrilla XP, Nya!!) is an XP guerrilla stage added in Version 11.8 and unlocked after clearing Unleashing the Cats. XP Bonanza! offers even more XP than other XP guerrilla stages, but consists of Aku rather than Black Enemies.

List of Stages[]

Mapname319 s en Mapname319 s ja Difficulty
Translation Energy
Stage 1 Mapsn319 00 s en Keiken wa Shō Akuma no Yūwaku Experience is a Temptation for Little Devils 500 EnergyIcon
Stage 2 Mapsn319 01 s en Keiken wa Mashō no Yūwaku Experience is a Demonic Temptation 500 EnergyIcon
Stage 3 Mapsn319 02 s en Keiken wa Maō no Yūwaku Experience is a Temptation for Demon Kings 500 EnergyIcon


Day of the Week Available Time (Local)
Monday 13:00 ~ 14:00
Wednesday, Sunday 19:00 ~ 20:00
Saturday 11:00 ~ 12:00