It's a Catmas Miracle!!! XMAS GALS!! - PONOS' announcement on Facebook.


Xmas Gals (MERRY CATSMAS!クリスマスイベント開催!!) is a Seasonal Gacha Event that appears between December 11th and December 26th. It features 4 new ubers Santa Kuu, Frosty Kai, Holy Coppermine and Candle Nurse, all of them are variants of already existing Ubers (Kuu, Kai, Coppermine and Nurse Cat respectively).


Main Drops

  • Santa Kuu - Big damage from her long range Tree attack! Strong vs Aliens/Angels
  • Frosty Kai - She receive less damage from Alien/Angel foes!
  • Holy Coppermine - Attacks with a chance to freeze Alien/Angel Enemies!
  • Yuletide Nurse - With her shiny candle she might Slow and/or Knock Back Alien and Angel Enemies!

Special Edition Drops

Limited Edition Units

Super Rare Drops

Rare Drops


  • The Xmas Gals are the only one seasonal Gacha Event without an exclusive Neneko.
  • The Xmas Gals are the seasonal Gacha Event that introduce more Uber units.
  • Every uber from this gacha has at least one effect against Alien and Angel enemies.


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