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Year 2018 Part 2 is the thirteenth stage in Part 1 Ten Years of Parades.


  • Infinite B.B.Bunnies spawn after 6.67 seconds200f, delay 13.33~26.67 seconds400f~800f.
  • 1 Sir Seal spawns after 20 seconds600f.
  • 1 Sir Seal spawns after 36.67 seconds1,100f.
  • 1 Sir Seal spawns after 50 seconds1,500f.
  • 1 Sir Seal spawns after 60 seconds1,800f.
  • When the base reaches 99% HP:
    • 1 B.B.Bunny spawns as the boss.
    • 3 Shy Boys spawn, delay 23.33~26.67 seconds700f~800f.
    • 3 One Horns spawn, delay 26.67~30 seconds800f~900f.


This stage is an exact copy of Cheater Handsigns, so any strategies used there will also work here.

As with all the other stages prior, meatshields and Paris Cat are sufficient. The One Horns may be a bit of a problem if you don't have all Empire of Cats Treasures or a level 20 Paris, but you can easily use more attackers. If you have Courier Cat, this stage becomes an absolute jokes.