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Yuru-i GeGeGe no Kitarō: Yōkai Dotabata Daisensō (ゆる~いゲゲゲの鬼太郎 妖怪ドタバタ大戦争, "Yuru-i GeGeGe no Kitarō: The Great Yōkai Slapstick War"), also known as just YuruGeGe (ゆるゲゲ) or YuruKita (ゆるきた), is a Japanese-exclusive tower defense game released for the 50th anniversary of the GeGeGe no Kitarō franchise. Developed by PONOS and DeNA, YuruGeGe plays very similarly to The Battle Cats, but in many ways is more polished due to being a more recent game.

What is GeGeGe no Kitarō?

The GeGeGe no Kitarō series chronicles the adventures of Kitarō, who strives to maintain peace between humans and Yōkai. Beginning as Hakaba Kitarō, a kamishibai written by World War II veteran, mangaka and yōkai enthusiast Shigeru Mizuki in 1960, the series has spawned countless games, anime, movies, novels, merchandise, and even a wiki with over 3,000 articles.

For an in-depth look at the franchise's history, see these articles:


Gameplay is best described as The Battle Cats cranked up to eleven—more polished but even more unforgiving. While the game itself plays almost the same, unit stats are generally more extreme than in The Battle Cats, and there are many challenging new enemy types and abilities such as Self-Destruct, Weakening Aura and Reincarnation. However, the game is also filled with numerous "quality of life" improvements, including a more detailed Character Guide which shows units' exact stats and abilities.


As its name suggests, YuruGeGe uses the character designs from the Yuru-i GeGeGe no Kitarō line of merchandise, hence most of them are based on their 2007 anime depictions. Playable characters are listed in the Team Yuru~i section of the Character Guide, yurui meaning "loose", "lenient", or "easy" (as in "take it easy"), while enemies are found under Team Yaba~i, yabai meaning "dangerous", "risky", "highly concerning", etc.


A wide range of friendly GeGeGe no Kitarō faces major, minor and everything in between appear as allies, including the many iterations of Kitarō, Medama-Oyaji and Neko-Musume as well as characters like Aoi, Nezumi-Otoko and Nurikabe. Allies are sorted into six rarities: Normal, Special, Rare, Super Rare, Uber Rare and Legend Rare.

An outdated list of playable characters can be found here.


The enemy lineup consists of many antagonistic Yōkai from all parts of the GeGeGe no Kitarō franchise, including Backbeard, Nurarihyon, Shu-no-Bon, Vampire Elite (Johnny), Zambia, Vodyanoy, and more. Like in The Battle Cats, each enemy is assigned at least one of several typings or traits:

  • Normal - White and grey. The base variants of most enemies.
  • Gorgeous - Gold with a black star over one eye. Drops treasures in main story arcs.
  • Hercules - Brown with a Hercules beetle horn. Usually faster than their original variant.
  • Amaterasu - Light yellow with a blue-and-yellow heavenly aura. All have a guaranteed chance to inflict any status effect. Has no money drop.
  • Abyss - Black with a red skull mask over their face. All have the Critical ability.
  • Metals - Robotic design. All have the Metal ability, which reduces damage from non-Critical attacks to a minimum.
  • Serious - Purple with sunglasses. All have the Yaba-Yaba effect, the ability to produce one minion for every playable character they defeat. Serious/Hercules and Serious/Metal ("Serimetal") enemies create minions with their respective secondary traits.
  • Death - Horned with a small orange flame above their head. Pure Death enemies all have the Warp ability, while Abyss/Death enemies all have Pentagram Barriers, a demonic spin on Starred Aliens' Barriers; Death enemies with other type combinations have curse ability instead.

Some bosses in this game have multiple phases. An example is Qi, who switches to his Nine-Tailed Fox form after his first health bar is depleted, though this does not happen in every stage.

An outdated list of enemies can be found here.


Just like The Battle Cats, YuruGeGe has three story arcs or sagas with three chapters each. The first deals with the hostile Yōkai rampaging throughout Japan, culminating in a fight against Nurarihyon and Kani-Bozu at the end of Chapter 3. The second saga is the aptly named World Arc, which introduces the Serious enemies and most of the Western Yōkai; Chapter 3 of this arc ends with Backbeard as the final boss and introduces the Death enemy variants and their Pentagram Barriers. The third arc presently only has one chapter available, which takes place in Jigoku itself and features many Death enemies as well as Akuma like Belial, pitting Kitarō and friends against Enma Daiō in what is currently the final stage. Unlike Battle Cats, rather than having 48 stages in every arc, YuruGege has 50 stages in the base chapters. Every chapters of each arc adds one more stage; the chapter ones have 50 stages, chapter twos have 51 stages, chapter threes have 52 stages.

The game also has its own version of Legend Stages (Stories of Legend, Event Stages and Collaboration Event Stages, all of which still use ★ difficulties instead of Crowns) and a raid boss feature which acts as the equivalent of the Ranking Dojo.


YuruGeGe has had multiple collabs with Nyanko Daisensou, introducing Kitarō, Medama-Oyaji and Neko-Musume as both Cat Units and Enemy Units. YuruGeGe's side of things featured Cat, Tank Cat, Gross Cat and Fish Cat as both friends and foes as well as Gorgeous and Hercules variants of the aforementioned cats, Macho Leg Cat, Mythical Titan Cat and Hurricat exclusively as enemies. The most recent version of the collab added Valkyrie Cat and Miko Mitama as Uber Rare units, and both are rendered in the Battle Cats art style.

Normal: ネコ (Neko, Cat) Evolved: ゲゲゲネコ (GeGeGe Neko, GeGeGe Cat)
Normal: タンクネコ (Tanku Neko, Tank Cat) Evolved: ぬりネコカベ (Nurinekokabe, Nuri-cat-kabe)
Normal: キモネコ (Kimoneko, Gross Cat) Evolved: キモネコ娘 (Kimoneko-Musume, Gross Neko-Musume)
Normal: ネコフィッシュ (Neko Fisshu, Fish Cat) Evolved: ネコフィッシュミンツチ (Neko Fisshu Mintsuchi, Mintsuchi Fish Cat)
Normal: ネコハリケーン (Neko Harikēn, Cat Hurricane)
Normal: ネコヴァルキリー (Neko Varukirī, Valkyrie Cat) Evolved: ネコヴァルキリー・真 (Neko Varukirī Shin, True Valkyrie Cat)
Normal: 巫女姫ミタマ (Miko Hime Mitama, Shrine Princess Mitama) Evolved: 白無垢のミタマ (Shiromuku no Mitama, Pure White Mitama)
ネコ☆ゴージャス (Neko ☆ Gōjasu, Cat ☆ Gorgeous) バンク☆ネコ (Banku ☆ Neko, Bank ☆ Cat) キモ☆ジャス (Kimo ☆ Jasu, Gross ☆ Geous) ネコ☆キャッシュ (Neko ☆ Kyasshu, Cash ☆ Cat)
ツノネコ (Tsuno Neko, Horned Cat) ツノタンク (Tsuno Tanku, Horned Tank) ツノキモネコ (Tsuno Kimoneko, Horned Gross Cat) ヘラクレスネコカブト (Herakuresu Neko Kabuto, Hercules Cat Kabuto)
ムキあしネコ (Mukiashi Neko, Macho Leg Cat) ネコハリケーン (Neko Harikēn, Cat Hurricane) ネコダラボッチ (Neko Darabocchi, Mythical Giant Cat)

It also had two collabs with Kyoutou Project, bringing characters such as Kyosaka Nanaho into the game, and one with Hikakin, adding a Hikakin version of Nurikabe. Other collabs include Yo-kai Watch, Ojamajo Doremi, the GeGeGe no Kitarō anime and manga as well as Miracle Gucchi.


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  • YuruGeGe had the "show and deploy from both rows at once" option 2 years before it was added to The Battle Cats.
    • YuruGeGe also had the ability filter separated by ability type (neutral and trait-specific) 3 years before The Battle Cats.
  • Unlike in The Battle Cats, Metal can overlap with other traits here.
  • Kagami-Jijii's attack animation in this game is strikingly similar to Dark Emperor Nyandam's.
  • Due to their demonic looks and Pentagram Barriers, the Death enemies from this game may have inspired the Aku enemy type in The Battle Cats.
  • While most of the enemies in YuruGeGe aren't exact equivalents of those found in The Battle Cats, there are two that directly mirror Ms. Sign and Assassin Bear. The former is simply Kemedama holding a wooden sign with Ms. Sign's message written on it, while the latter is an extremely powerful flashing Type 2 Penanggalan which serves only to punish you for taking too long on timed stages. The Penanggalan variant has much shorter range than Assassin Bear but deals insane amounts of damage with each attack, pushing just as hard if not harder.

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