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" Zombie Duche" is a Zombie enemy found in Into the Future's Zombie Outbreaks. It's official name is currently unknown.


Zombie Duche is a zombie variant of Duche. Moves very fast, burrows under your cats units, revives with 100%, has very high and rapid damaging attacks but it has short range and like its original counterpart, it has a multi hit. However, unlike its original counterpart, it has low health.


English version

Japanese version

Encyclopedia Entry Translation

不毛な研究の末に命を落としたニワトリ。 死してなお限界突破に挑み、天国に 羽ばたけることを夢見て走り続ける

Set fire to butt to limit your ability

Chickens who lost their lives after barren research. We die and try to reach the limit yet, to heaven Dreaming to flutter and keep running


This unit is meant to be a glass cannon considering his DPS is higher than his health so killing it shouldn't be a problem because of his short range, even a level 20 Maglev can kill it. Its pushing power is really high but its short range and low HP make it more manageable to defeat




Zombie duche
Health Attack Power Attack Range Time between attacks Movement Speed Knockback Attack Animation
17,000 HP 17,500 damage 120 (area attack) 0f 30 1 times 13f
Special Ability Attribute
Burrows underground 875 after a Cat enters its range (1 time)

Multi-hit attack (8,500, 8500)
Revives at 100% HP after being dead for 600f (1 time)

*In each stage, there is strength magnification, the value of health and attack power varies because of this.
*Time between attacks is the time of the attack motion end until the next attack motion starts.


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